About Nomad Dairy

Nomad Dairy was founded by Roba Bulga Jilo at a very early age. Having grown up a member of the Karrayyu indigenous group in Ethiopia, Roba knows a thing or two about camels. Roba was in charge of raising and herding pastoral animals such as cows, goats, and camels in the Ethiopian desert. As a lifelong drinker of camel milk, and expert in environmentally sustainable foods, Roba is passionate and committed to creating opportunities for his community’s survival.

While attending school in Ethiopia and Italy Roba founded a non-profit that works directly with indigenous groups in every corner of Ethiopia. Labata Fantalle works to establish cooperatives that ensure indigenous histories and lifestyles are valued and protected. As a well-known international activist for indigenous rights, Roba understands the full scope of possibilities available to his people.

The Nomad Dairy Team:
While in school at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Roba met Liz Keffee, Iwona Matczuk, and Kyle Plummer during a Start-Up Challenge. The team won 1st place and the grand prize for start-up funding. During the same academic year, the team competed in the Hassenfeld Foundation’s SPARK Tank challenge where they took home 3rd place and additional funding.

The Nomad Dairy team is determined to help establish a profitable solution for everyone and engages indigenous groups to be active participants in the development of their country.